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Wolf Alice

Denver, CO
Bluebird Theater
Map of Colorado, USA
1 Stars
Little Miss Poseur. What a disappointment this one was. The bassist was a punk wannabe douchebag; the lead guitarist focused on his fretboard, his effects pedals and not much else; and the drummer kept abandoning his job to try to be the singer, a role for which he was painfully unsuited. The actual singer, frontwoman Ellie Rowsell, couldn’t have looked more bored or played her guitar with less enthusiasm. This may have been the only rock show I’ve ever been to where I considered walking out before the end. The only good thing about this show was the fact that my friend Anthony, planning on joining me, couldn’t make it, so he was spared. Oh, and demerits to the band for rushing through my favorite song and playing it like shit. Setlist

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Counting Crows

Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Map of Colorado, USA
1.5 Stars
A weird one. You ever get the feeling you’re in the presence of a joke being played but you’re not in on it? Shit is bug nuts and you’re looking out for someone to stop the scene, announce that it’s all a put on and now we’ll get on with the real thing? Shit was indeed bug nuts during this bizarre show — Adam Duritz napped under a piano, crew members hung out onstage, low-budget computer graphics flickered on backdrop screens — but no one stopped anything; what we were watching was the real thing. They didn’t waste time getting to the hits and played lots of their best songs (August And Everything After is a classic) but I never shook the feeling I was being fucked with. Setlist

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